Bringing A Traditional Business Into The Modern Age



Energo Vision

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Upholstery Ticak is a local family business with 30 years of tradition in providing furniture upholstery services for households, business offices, restaurants, medical and fitness facilities.


Upholstery Ticak approached us with a very interesting task: Modernizing a 30 year old traditional family business with no digital footprint whatsoever. Having been in the business for so many years, the company had a strong tradition and expectations to uphold. Acknowledging these values we took on the task of bringing their brand to modern standards and into the digital age.


We began with finding out what their key brand values are, what is the secret of their long-term success, and what is that they need in order to continue to prosper. Our research expanded to their competition in the surrounding areas, defining the niche market Upholstery Ticak has settled in. After we completed the research phase it was time to start working on a design solution.


Big carved wooden worktop at the center of their workshop inspired us to use woodish brown colors as the dominant color scheme for the website. The overall look and feel subtly communicates workshop’s longevity and the hard work they put in every piece of their handcraft. We accompanied it with various crafting tools and playfully used them to recreate their logo for the website homepage cover.


The final work was a beautifully crafted mobile responsive website that emphasized the place where all the magic happens, Upholstery Ticak workshop, while still clearly displaying all important information through a smoothly scrollable one-pager. As a result of the brand’s digitalization the company witnessed a 197% revenue increase in first month only. Our ongoing partnership with the client has now expanded to a full rebranding and further SEO and content development duties .