Juicyfied mobile puzzle game



Internal project

  • Unity3D
  • Android & iOS Mobile App
  • 2d Animation
  • Game Design
  • Sound Design


Scoring some 20 million downloads within the first month of the release indie puzzle game 2048 become a viral sensation in early 2014. As some senior members of our mobile development arm Nanovo become big fans of the game from the get-go, we decide to do an internal experiment with our interns and developed our own version of 2048.


Five of our interns were selected to create their take on 2048 game in no more then 15 days. While the basic game mechanics were pretty much set in stone following the original game, our interns had the freedom to build and expand the original idea as much as they liked. They were also given full creative freedom with their design decisions, but they were prohibited from using any pre-made assets. The game had to be built from scratch in Unity3D and optimized for 3 major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Our youngsters decided to ditch the numbers and cells as the main visual symbols from the original game and chose to work with fruits and fruit baskets instead. The goal of the game was to join the fruits and multiply them to get to the master fruit. Fruits were sorted by their overall natural size.

By swiping on the screen players could move fruits between fruit baskets. When two baskets with the same fruits collided, they multiplied into one basket with a larger fruit. To emphasize the sense of accomplishment when merging fruits together it was important to strike the right balance of smooth and playful animations. Visual appeal of the animation ensured an immersive experience and made the game more addictive.


While improving their overall high score and unlocking multiplying bonuses players could also collect coins. And 10 coins would allow the player to activate the mixer which immediately empties exactly four random fruit baskets with the smallest fruits, thus giving player more room to maneuver its swipes.

This clever little idea successfully enriched the gaming experience by prolonging game sessions and made the game even more addictive than the original 2048.



Interns were trained to deal with limited resources and the stress of the deadline.
We gained valuable knowledge on how to improve our mentorship process within the team.
One beautifully designed puzzle game that gave us endless hours of fun.