Social, local & mobile (SoLoMo) strategy for the casino chain




  • Apache Cordova
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Android Mobile App
  • iOS Mobile App
  • CMS Development
  • Database Architecture
  • Mobile Strategy (SoLoMo)


NOVOMATIC Group is one of the Europe’s leading casino and sport betting companies. Their international operational activities include more than 1,500 casinos, electronic casinos, and sports betting outlets. Founded in 1980 the group comprises affiliated companies in 45 countries and is one of the largest integrated conglomerates of the international gaming industry.


With a large increase in number of users visiting their websites on mobile devices, Novomatic enlisted us to develop a mobile strategy for their brand Admiral Automat Clubs. The challenge was to bring together rapid growth in smartphone usage with millennials’ ever changing behavior. On top of that we had to take Admiral Casino’s loyalty program into consideration.


We decided to go beyond just mobile and deliver concise and easy-to-understand SoLoMo (Social, Local/Loyalty and Mobile) strategy for all the key stakeholders in the project.
After analyzing all digital touch points between users and the brand our solution was a long term loyalty platform deployed in a 3-tier environment: mobile app, web based app, content management system and extensive integration of all social media and digital channel feeds owned by the brand.


Although our first choice was to go with native mobile solution, due to the time & budget constraints of building for three different mobile platforms we had to iterate our initial mobile strategy and choose hybrid approach based on Apache Cordova. This choice allowed us to deploy single code for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.


In order to define key layouts and interaction patterns we started exploring main usage scenarios. Once the scenarios were determined we began with wireframing and testing of user flows. Our objective was to design the experience of engaging with the brand on multiple levels.
Whether the users are looking for a specific casino location, or reach for the app to participate in the loyalty program, the user experience had to be as enjoyable and valuable as possible. All our design decisions were driven by three main principles:

1. Keep it simple
2. Make it functional
3. Provide real value


We wanted to offer users an experience that felt native, but had all the flexibility of web. We blended native iOS and Android functionalities with HTML5 technology for a rich app experience. This allowed the client to repurpose existing assets and publish new rich media content whenever they need it, through our proprietary custom made CMS platform.

The app intelligently assist its users by giving them useful tips and highlighting relevant and important information through powerful newsfeed section. The app also provides geolocation information on more than 200 casinos, special offers and push notification alerts shown in the designated area of the home screen.



Working on complex projects like this one demands a lot of planning and a long-term execution. In close collaboration with Admiral’s IT & marketing teams we continue in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the company’s user base.

So far we’ve launched just the first out of three conceived phases with the goal to expand Admiral’s unique SoLoMo platform with exciting gamification and loyalty features in the following months.